Evaluation and Application

In order to attend day care or board at Cuteodyssey Maternal Doggie Daycare dogs must fulfill the following requirements:
Dog's owners need to fill out the online Pre-application form (click to open)

After reviewing your Pre-application information, if we feel your dog is a good fit for our day care:
Dog's owners need to fill out an application
Dogs must undergo a short, free evaluation
Dogs must be on some flea medication
Dogs over 6 months of age must be fixed (neutered or spayed)
Dogs must have current records of the following vaccinations or titer tests showing that they have antibodies against the diseases they protect against: DDHLP, Rabies, and Bordatella

Our evaluation ensures that your dog will be as safe as possible here at Cuteodyssey Maternal Doggie Daycare.
Evaluations are free and last about 45 minutes. Call (619) 337-1373 to schedule one today!

Application: You may fill out an application when you come in, or print it out and bring it with you or scan it and email it to us at: daycareapplications@cuteodyssey.com. Download Application

Before bringing your dog for their first day at Cuteodyssey, please read our basic information on preparing for Cuteodyssey and doggie kennel cough.




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