Preparing For Cuteodyssey

What do you need to do/gather to prepare your dog for a stay at Cuteodyssey?
Time: Whether entering for a quick day of daycare or a more extended boarding stay, please provide for enough time to check your dog in at Cuteodyssey. During check-in, we will review any feeding, medication, training and/or grooming schedules with you. We will ask you if any of your information has changed, and make sure that your dog’s vaccinations are up to date. Finally, we will inquire as to current behavioral issues your dog is experiencing and will review prior Cuteodyssey notes on your dog. All of these steps are necessary to keep your dog happy and healthy from it’s initial introduction into the Cuteodyssey play area through its time to go home!
Collar: All dogs attending Cuteodyssey must be dressed in well-fitting SNAP collars (these open and close via a plastic snap). Collars that are buckled closed, spiked, pronged, can choke or otherwise endanger your dog or other dogs will be removed.
Food: Make sure you pack any food you’d like to be fed to your dog while at Cuteodyssey. Remember that, though Cuteodyssey sells food either by the meal or by the bag or package (in it’s store), any sudden change of diet may cause your dog to get an upset tummy. Of course, if your dog has a great digestive system or already eats the same foods we sell at Cuteodyssey, please feel free to take advantage of our meal options. We serve breakfast from 6am to 8am, dinner from 5pm to 7pm, and will do lunch for medical reasons or a small additional charge. Note that you may want to have us feed more food than you usually do to fuel the increased amount of exercise your dog will have while they are here.
Medications: Make sure to pack any medications your dog is taking, and be prepared to carefully explain the medication schedule to your Cuteodyssey receptionist.
Reservation?? No reservation is needed for daycare. For boarding, a reservation is recommended to ensure that we have space for your dog.
Food bowls?? Cuteodyssey has plenty of food and water bowls, so you should really only bring yours if your dog is extremely picky about dinnerware.
Bed/Toys?? Cuteodyssey has plenty of beds and toys, so there’s no need to bring your own. You may bring some, but keep in mind that other dogs may gain access to them (unless you have reserved a private dorm room) and that they may therefore return to you soiled or torn.
Treats?? Though you may bring treats, we will only be able to feed them to your dog when it is separated from the other dogs. Therefore, there will not be as many opportunities for your dog to consume treats here as there may be at home.
Items that smell like you?? If you know your dog has a very difficult time with separation from you, you might want to include an item of clothing that has your smell on it. While we won’t be able to have it near your dog all the time, it might help us to get your dog comfortable while eating or sleeping. Please don’t use any items you cannot lose, though, as other dogs may insist on smelling them as well ?
Keep in mind:
Hours: Cuteodyssey is open Monday – Friday, 7 am to 9 pm; Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 9 pm These are the times during which you may pick up or drop off your dog.
Boarding / Daycare Charges: We charge for boarding based on a 24 hour period. That means that if you drop your dog off at noon and pick them up at noon the next day, you will be charged for one night of boarding. If you pick your dog up later, however, past the time you dropped them off, we will add daycare charges for the additional stay. (Note that most facilities charge an additional boarding night for every dog picked up after a certain time of day, regardless of the time they were dropped off, but we feel that our calculations are fairer to the customer.)
Tired when they come home?: Expect your dog to be more tired than usual when they come home. They will exercise a lot more here than they do with your usual hikes and dogpark trips, though we will monitor to make sure they don’t overdo it.
Behavior: We love every single dog we meet, but even if the initial evaluation goes well there may come a time when we have to talk to you about your dog’s behavior. Sometimes as dogs get comfortable, or when they go through different stages of life, various behaviors such as humping, excessive barking, and the like begin. Remember, this is doggie Disneyland! For some dogs, it’s too much stimulation to handle. We have to make the playground safe for every dog, so our carefully trained staff will try giving praise for correct behavior and “no’s” and sometimes short time outs for incorrect behavior, but we have limited capability in terms of behavior modification (we cannot use treats, nor can we devote one attendant solely to your dog in order to be fair to everyone). If your dog needs help to be here, consider speaking with one of our trainers, or your own trainer, about whether their behavior can and should be modified.
Mindset: Please remember that while we will take the very best care of your dog we can at Cuteodyssey, there are certain risks associated with playing cage-free. While we evaluate every dog and require each dog to have current vaccinations, there are still risks, just as there are at the dog park, that your dog will catch a cold or get in a fight. We love your dog and will do our best to make sure that neither of these things happen. If either does occur your dog will get the very best care available and you will be notified immediately. We work at/create Cuteodyssey because we strongly believe that the benefits of socialization, fun and joy for your dog outweigh these risks, but we want you to be fully informed and aware of them before making the decision to bring your dog to Cuteodyssey.



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