Bubbly by Colbie Caillat

Bubbly came into my life with her sister LOVEY in December 2009. She has grown on me so much since then that now I love her like she was my own daughter. She is blind, so needy and scared. She needs me more than anyone I've ever known.

She acts like a frightened little child always looking for her Mama to protect her from the unknown evil which surrounds her, the evil in the darkness into which she was born. She is not like her sister Lovey who is very easy to love and understand. Bubbly is complicated and needy, yet so very sweet.

She suffers from the same condition RickyOmero, another of my foster dogs, used to have, DRY EYES. She has no tears and gets a heavy discharge from her eyes that becomes annoying to her and I clean her face and eyes at least 3 times a day. It doesn't bother me as I know I am helping her by relieving her discomfort, but I would love if she could have a normal, happy life like RickyOmero has had ever since his eye surgery which completely stopped the irritating DRY EYE condition.

Please help BUBBLY with a donation for her eye removal operation which is very expensive, and please forward this link to any vet who may want to help little Bubbly to have the joyfull life any sweet puppy should have. Please be part of this MIRACLE!

Thank you and bless you for reading and donating.


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